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OK sign“What I tell you three times is true”
Lewis Carroll 1832 – 98 The Hunting of the Snark (1876)

“Our business is growing at a very fast rate and we needed an accountant who would be part of our team and could advise us on how best to structure our financial management.  Tax and Figures structured the service they offered to match our needs and they have always provided a very friendly service that has significantly exceeded our expectations on the level of information and support provided.”
K Minier, Director
Onis Limited

"VAT, Self Assessment and accounts were a mystery to me when I first went into business.  Tax and Figures managed to steer me through the regulation maze and made sure that I got all my tax refunded. I look on my accountant as a necessary part of my business".
Tony Brock, proprietor
RC Superstores

"Tax& Figures have been the appointed accountants for Clark Higgins Ltd. and KE Research Ltd for the past 2 years. In the case of Clark Higgins Ltd., Robert Insalaco took over the reigns from our previous accountant, straightened out any loose ends and he has been totally professional, trustworthy, proactive and forward thinking from day one. It may help that Robert loves football and truly does understand our business through and through! In the case of KE Research Ltd., Tax and Figures set up the company from scratch and was again totally proactive, professional and forward thinking. Their advice has always proven to be invaluable, the service is totally cost effective and the personal manner of the client managers have always been polite, friendly, trustworthy, unobtrusive and totally focused on making sure that the accounts side of both companies is run in a professional and efficient manner - in fact so much so that I only need to get involved at the end of each tax year and I end up being pleasantly surprised every time".
P Clark.  Director                                                                           
Clark Higgins Ltd. - 'Football & Press Interpreting'

"Tax and Figures have not only completed our accounts and tax to a high standard but have also given us valuable input to our business plans and have been a source of support on our refinancing proposals." 
F Hudson-Birnie and P Paulhart, Directors,
Ecoknowlogy International Limited.

"We would recommend Tax and Figures to anyone, we can call them with a problem at any time and get a response.  We have found their level of service second to none".
G Allen, Director
Custom Kitchens and Bedrooms Limited

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